Things to do with swirls and paper

Things swirls paper

Looking for Things to do with swirls and paper? Do you have swirls that you don’t use and a lot of paper that you are going to throw away? We are going to give you some great ideas to reuse these items in a funny and beautiful way. Have a look. Do not forget to also read our posts about magical decoration for kids events and making your own hanging lanterns.

Spent the carnival and you got a lot of swirls at home, not knowing what to do? Did you bring from your work all that paperwork that now is no longer useful?

We will learn to recycle these items and turn them into beautiful things to decorate your home, and some other useful things. Look at some great Things to do with swirls and paper!

Great Things to do with swirls and paper

great Things to do with swirls and paper

There are lots of Things to do with swirls and paper. Let’s start with paper. Check how old paper can be so useful! 


If you have many old newspapers at home, know that they are excellent for cleaning windows and mirrors.

Have your children handwork to do? Instead of buying cardboards or expensive paper, give them some old magazines to cut out and paste them. This way will still teach your children to be environmentalists.Things swirls paper

Take the cardboard rolls of kitchen paper and toilet paper to create rings for the napkins. To do this, you just need to paint them, decorate them with different accessories (ribbons, buttons), line with fabric or wallpaper.

Enjoy old posters, calendars or maps to frame and create original works of art to have in the house walls.


You can use the swirls that are not used to create coasters. Just paste the rolls one to others of different colors, and have beautiful coasters. Your kids will love the idea!Things do with swirls and paper

In the same way, that created the coasters, you can also make bowls for snacks. Here you can make various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Do not you think that these are great Things to do with swirls and paper? So, now that we are in ecologic times, how about learning how to create your own paper? Check! 

Any piece of non-glossy paper, including cardboard pieces, works well to make your own homemade paper.Things to do with paper

To do the paper, you must first create a folder. For this, you need to tear the old paper and cardboard into small pieces. Then put them into a plastic basin and add hot water to cover 1 to 2 fingers on the paper.
Let the paper emerged in the water from one day to the other so that it becomes a mass.

Once you’ve got the dough, beat the paper and water in a blender until it is with the texture of oatmeal.

Accurate then staple a piece of window screen an empty frame. Immerse yourself in this screen passes, and raises it so that you get drain the water.

Turn the tip above the head in a towel, and allowed to absorb all the excess water. Remove the screen and dry the paper from one day to another.

Did you enjoy our ideas? Do you have any other Things to do with swirls and paper? Let us know! 

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