Space themed decoration for parties

space themed decoration for parties ideas

Looking for space themed decoration for parties? The big day is coming and you still don’t know what to do? Don’t worry we will help you organize the perfect space party. Before start reading our post, I suggest you have a look at our previous posts on edible decoration for parties and decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts

Space is the theme you have chosen you came to the right place. With our tips, your party will be best  ever thrown. Stay with us for further information on how to make your guests see the beauty of the stars with our ideas for space themed decoration for parties.

Space themed decoration for parties Ideas


First of all, you need to establish how much money you want to spend to your space themed decoration for parties in order to know how you want to decorate your party, you can buy materials and make it your own, or you can buy the decorative items and you are set to go.

YouTube is very useful if you want to make your own decoration, it has many tutorials available that you can watch for free.

After you decide what items you should buy, take your time to go shopping. Look for sales in order to save themed decoration for party

If you are having the party indoors it will make your job easier. Fill the room with stars, hanging planets, the moon, the sun, and even a spaceship!

You can even print images of the night sky and put them in the ceiling for a more realistic feeling that you are somewhere far in the galaxy!

If your wish is to have the party outside, you should consider starting the party when the sun goes down to have a good look at the stars.

Make biscuits in the shape of stars, sun, spaceships if you are able to. It’s a great way to have the world in the palm of your hand.

Make an astronaut costume if you would like, that would sure be fun! If you have kids you can also build a spaceship with materials you have that you no longer need like boxes. Paint them, and let your kids play with them. Fun is guaranteed!space themed decoration for parties ideas

There is something missing! Music! What about playing the star wars soundtrack songs? Collect them all and let your guests wonder between the planet earth and beyond!

And a party isn’t complete without a good entertaining game. Try a space trivia. Make your own cards with questions about space and see who the big winner is.

Finally, enjoy the best space themed decoration for parties you could ever get and make sure everyone has the time of their lives.

Travel from planet to planet and discover the wonders that our galaxy have hidden from us, explore the possibilities, and most importantly have fun with your dearest ones by your side.

Keep up for more useful tips and tricks to make your party the best one ever made! Hope you have enjoyed our post about space themed decoration for parties. 

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