Doing your personalised happy birthday banner

Doing your personalised happy birthday banners

Doing your personalised happy birthday banner is the better way to ensure your party will be unique. Your kids’ parties decoration is truly important if you want to give a splendorous party. So, check our previous posts to get some ideas about party decorations, and let’s now check some ideas for your happy birthday banners. 

In my mind floats great ideas to do banners for birthday parties. Just think of the diversity of tastes of children, the diversity of their personalities. For each one there is a specific banner that fits them perfectly, and Doing your personalised happy birthday banner is an excellent option to make it perfectly fit on your kid. Check some great ideas.

Doing your personalised happy birthday banner – Make it unique! 


Let’s see, we have little girls, bigger, teenagers, and the same goes for the boys. So let’s start with the little ladies! Doing your personalised happy birthday banner ideas

You can always opt for a simple “Happy Birthday”, made of cardboard or paper, with the colours that your daughter likes. Or you can use your imagination and do something more interesting.

What do you think of putting photos of your little since the day she was born until now hanging on a string? Would not it be lovely?

You can also use photographs or pictures of your daughter’s favourite cartoon while you are Doing your personalised happy birthday banner.Doing your personalised happy birthday bannersFor older girls we can do a little more. You can use flowers, colourful balloons with drawings. You just have to fill the balloons and go joining on a rope so that you do not see it. Then place the flowers between the balloons. It is lovely!

Does your daughter love birds? Try to make some of black cardboard and then fix them on a rope.

Make flowers with pages of magazines or damaged books. Use them to do a beautiful banner for your daughter. You will get different colours, besides being beautiful with the letters around!

For teenage girls, you can do a banner with red and white cardboard, where you draw letters, or red, or black. You can write LOVE, or something else that identifies with your daughter. Similarly to the above, tie them on a rope Doing your personalised happy birthday banner. 

For little boys, you can draw in cardboard cars, and tie them in a rope. You can also use the same schema of the last one, but this time writing his name. You can also do the same I told you about the pictures of little girls.

You can also use his cartoons favourite characters to place in the banner. Do your personalised happy birthday banners

Do you remember that idea of balloons and flowers? You can do the same thing here, but this time, you are not going to use flowers, but small balls.

For teenage boys, you can follow the same schema as always, and then include something he truly loves, like a particular sport, or movie.

Did you like our ideas? I am sure you will have lots of any others while you are Doing your personalised happy birthday banner! 

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