Making your own hanging lanterns

Making your own hanging lanterns ideas

Making your own hanging lanterns can be very fun. You have lots of options to make it truly unique. Check how in this post. Don’t forget to have a look at our posts about decorating your baby’s bedroom and creating your own confetti and swirls.

There isn´t nothing more satisfying than creating our own useful objects with our hands, especially if you save Money by recycling other objects that you take from rubbish. You can make from desk lamps to chandeliers that will brighten your day.Making your own hanging lanterns ideas

DIY Home offers amazing recycled projects with wastes of materials and some you can buy it cheap and use them in your creations. You can find them amazing ideas for nice made projects and for making your own hanging lanterns

Making your own hanging lanterns: Make it Unique and Beautiful! 


On the list, there are some wonderful works with special or unusual tools. The works are very highly visible and very beautiful. The possibilities are endless for making your own hanging lanterns using potentials waste as plastic bottles or plastic spoons.Making your own hanging lantern

We enumerate some examples as with:

  • Recycled washing machine drums;
  • Pretty lamp like about the shape of a fan, especially a vintage one.
  • Globe made from two plastic salad bowls
  • Made from a utensil holder
  • Paint cans into lamps by covering them in with enameled colanders
  • Mini tart tins
  • Geometric Wire Lampshade
  • Cardboard
  • The vintage surface of foxy mirror
  • The pendant looks almost as if it were computer-generated.

Making your own hanging lanterns with:make your own hanging lantern

  • slightly pagan
  • mini versions of Vintage Revivals
  • A 2×4 with light bulbs in it.
  • Dodecahedron:
  • Filament Pendant
  • Apollo
  • vintage vibe and the frosted sage glass
  • flowerpot pendant

Making your own hanging lanterns with:

  • SHY Light
  • PXL Pendant
  • Riviera Pendants
  • neon DIY geometry.
  • A trio of solid design elements
  • Bearing no relation to the Sylvia Plath novel
  • a Calder-inspired wall hanging,
  • Downtown Minimalist Cord Pendant
  • Halo Light Pendant
  • Golden Lamp
  • beautiful bronze pendant
  • think of poker night as portrayed
  • Cloche Punched Pendant Lamp:  vintage style lamp
  • Rectangular Farmhouse Pendant
  • Gliese Pendant  extra large lightbulb
  • Pendant Tassel Light
  • Bright Beads Pendant Lights  get beads onto pendant
  • Rope Pendant Light: a light fixture makeover
  • Fresh Flower Pendant Light
  • Concrete Pendant Lamps: the new black in the DIY department
  • Pom Pom Pendant: The Lorax
  • Yarn Lanterns: Yarn, glue, balloons colorful lanterns
  • slinky on its side.
  • Fabric Garland Hanging Light: like the paper scrap
  • paper scrap
  • Urchin Lamp Kit this lamp design is based on sea urchins.
  • Wooden Beaded Chandelier: pinboard.hanging lantern DIY
  • Acorn Pendant  a modern interpretation of an acorn
  • Chess Rook and Pawn Pendants
  • Coco Mini Pendant On the extremely high-end of the price spectrum
  • Woodchuck Pendants  the colors and woodgrain
  • Slope Miniforms  to see an entire ceiling filled
  • Capiz Shell Pendant  a capiz shell pendant
  • Barely There Pendant Lamp  night a moody glow.
  • Glass Orb Chandelier with more orbs
  • Ombre Pendant Lamp: a cinch to recreate on those inexpensive white paper
  • Form Us With Love Pendants  army of pendant lamps
  • made in the Italian discipline of fusing two separate glasses into one single piece.
  • permanent floral details boho chic.
  • And Hurricane Vase Lamp.

Hope you enjoyed our ideas. See you in our next post! If you have any other ideas about Making your own hanging lanterns, just let us know!

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