Making funny balloons for your party

Making funny balloons for your parties

Making funny balloons for your party can be very fun and easy! Didn’t you know that balloons can be a central piece of your party decoration? Balloons can be more than just balls hanging around the house. See in this article how to use these fantastic items! I am sure you will be surprised! Also, have a look at our previous articles about kids parties decoration for birthdays and doing your personalised happy birthday banner

The balloons can be amazing! Besides having them hanging from the ceiling, or on the side of the cake table, they have many other utilities that can be very funny for your party.

Making funny balloons for your party: Make it AMAZING!


Your party can be surprising Making funny balloons for your party! Take a look and find the best ideas to make your party just unique!  Making funny balloons for your party with leds

Balloons with LEDs

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in my life! Although it is not the most practical use for balloons, it may be the more surprising!

The only thing you need is small LED lights (which you can find in specialty stores of light in general), and balloons, of course. You may also need helium, in the case of wanting them floating. You can use this idea to stick to the ceiling with double-sided, or even put in the pool.

As an alternative to LED light is picking a battery clock and a Christmas lamp, and wrap with electrical tape. So the light will be kindled for the duration of the battery.

Making funny balloons for your party can be truly fun, don’t you think? Check how to do these LED Balloons.

  • Purchase powered LEDs. You can find them with several colours.
  • If you want to fill the balloons with helium, turn on the LED lights and place them inside the balloons.
  • Fill them and tie them. Once they are attached to some string, spread the balloons by your party and see how beautiful is your party decoration!

 Making funny balloons for your parties


In the same way we did the LED Balloons, now we will use glowsticks. Your parties at home or even on the street will never be the same! The fun will be guaranteed! Whether in the pool or around the garden, the decoration of your party will be just brilliant!

 Making funny balloons for parties

Painting with balloons

The balloons may have more uses than for the simple decoration of your party! Making funny balloons for your party  can be truly fun!

And what if I told you that you can use them to become a true Jackson Pollock? The only things you need are a canvas, paint, and balloons.

Fill balloons with paint, tie them and throw them tightly to the canvas. The final will be simply “abstract”!

Bracelets to offer as party favor

In addition to kids leave the party happy with the new bracelets, take a time to teach them how to do them!

You will need balloons (the long ones you use to make pet balloons), elastic string, and masking tape (optional).

  • Snip the ends off of the balloons (cutting them into two to three pieces makes it much easier).
  • String the balloon onto the elastic.
  • String into a knot and cover the knot with the balloon ends.

Are not these unique and fun ideas?  Making funny balloons for your party couldn’t be easier!

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