Magical decoration for kids events

Magical decoration for children's event

Looking for Magical decoration for kids events? If you are going to give a magic themed party for your little one, we have some great ideas to give you! I suggest you have a look at this great birthday party magician to hire. I can assure you there is no other like him! Have a look at our previous posts about making your own hanging lanterns and making funny balloons for your party too.

The theme of magic for children’s parties is always a big hit because has several movies that inspire this theme, the most famous being “Harry Potter”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Frozen” and “Peter Pan.”

So, let’s see some Magical decoration for kids events to these particular themes.

Magical decoration for kids events Ideas


Your event can be truly amazing if you add some magical decoration for kids events. We are going to give some great ideas inspired by the movies I have mentioned before. Take a look:


One of the things that marked the movie of Harry Potter, as well as the best Magical decoration for kids eventsexcellent books of Rowlling, was the platform 9 3/4. If you want to surprise the little ones, how about making the platform in your party?

Use a red TNT tablecloth, draw the bricks with a pen of black slate (those thick tip), and set at the party entrance.

You can use red and yellow colours to decorate your party. They are the colours of Harry Potter’s team, so there is no better colour for you!

How about putting Mandrake, beans, Weasley candies, chocolate frogs, spiders, and potions on the table?


Place shaped flasks red heart throughout the house. Also, put some straw bales to use as banks, you can adorn the walls with a chess blue and white fabric (as Dorothy dress).Magical decoration for kids parties

You can use this fabric pattern to use on the tablecloth. Also, put some dolls with the characters of the story.


If you need some ideas of Magical decoration for kids events, we have lots of them to your Frozen party! Magical decoration for children's events

First of all, you need to decorate your party with blue, purple, and white colours. The idea is to create a frozen environment. So, place some artificial snow all around the place, you can place on the table a few snowflakes, and of course, you can’t forget about the Olaf, the snowman.

You can also buy balloon with the images of the Frozen characters, or you can add some posters in the walls with Anna and Elsa pictures.


Now you are going to decorate your party with green, yellow, and brown colours.

Magical decoration for children's eventYou must decide if you are going to focus on Tinkerbell, Peter Pan, or on the pirates. Then you are going to define your decoration according to it. Because we are talking about magic, we decided to choose Tinkerbell.

So place some trees with white Christmas lights in the room, use lots of glitters, and have fun!

I hope I have helped you with your party decoration. I am sure you are going to have lots of fun! Do you have any other idea for Magical decoration for kids events? Let us know!

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