How to decorate a pirate party

how decorate a pirate party

Are you looking for ideas on how to decorate a Pirate Party? In this post we will give you some great ideas so you can give an unforgettable party. I am sure you will love them all! Have a look and enjoy!

If you want to throw a party for your kids and are thinking about a theme, we have one question for you: do you know how to decorate a Pirate Party?

how to decorate a pirate party ideas

Well, if you don’t, then we will give you some tips in this article to help you, never forgetting the main ingredients needed are imagination and creativity.

With these two, the possibilities are limitless, even better if you involve your kid in it!

How to decorate a Pirate Party: Best ideas ever! 

how decorate a pirate party

A Living-Room in a Small Island

If you have a room you can use in your home, then we know how to decorate a pirate party you want to throw: by filing a small room with sand (maybe one feet is enough) in order to create a perfect Caribbean environment, of a paradisiac island, in your home!

Be sure to cover the floor near the door with a sheet, or something like it, in order to keep the sand in the room, also use them around other objects in the room you want to isolate from the sand.

You may need to move the furniture… This idea is best for a room with not much things on it, then you can put a mattress or beach towels on the sand, balls, balloons, an ark that’s really a treasure filled with fruits, anything. This is how to decorate a pirate party with style.

decorating a pirate party

Palm trees with Coconuts

Actually coconuts do not grow on palm trees, nevertheless, you can make a 2 meter high palm tree with painted cardboard glued together for the tree (you can use the size if you feel like or cut the cardboard), and pages of the newspaper mushed together with glue and covered with one single page of the paper, in the form of a leaf, and paint it with your favourite shade of green.

It is better if the base is the biggest cardboard, perhaps heavier, with sand or objects, in order to stabilise it.

Then you can put some leafs on the tree, using duck-tape and by putting balloons hanging from the tree – magic coconuts!

This is our idea on how to decorate a pirate party, using homemade trees.

So if you have the idea of throwing a themed party like this one, there is plenty of ideas you can use picking up on these, and let your imagination and creativity take the wheel as party decorators.

Don’t forget the eye-patch on balloons and the wooden leg on the parrot! I hope you enjoyed our ideas, and I am sure your little ones will love them! Now you know how to decorate a pirate party, or at least two creative ideas.

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