Decoration for prom dances

decoration for proms

Looking for decoration for prom dances? We have some great ideas to make your prom just fabulous! Check this post and I am sure you will get some awesome ideas! Don’t forget to have a look at our previous posts about creating your own confetti and swirls and making funny balloons for your party

We reached the end of the school year, and now is the time to think of the most awaited party of the year: the prom!decoration for prom dances ideas

Everything will depend on the theme you choose because it depending on it the decor will vary. Therefore, we have some fantastic themes to suggest to you so that the party is a success!

Ideas to your Decoration for prom dances


If you are looking for ideas to your decoration for prom dances, you could not be in a better place. Check our great ideas and make your party just memorable!

Theme of the 20s

This theme is just awesome! Who does not feel inspired by the Roaring 20s? This was a time full of glamor, where the nightlife was the main part of the society of the time.decoration for prom dance

Here you can opt for sophisticated decorations with pearls and tiaras. Do not forget to play tangos, foxtrot, and of course the famous charleston!

Theme of the 50s

Just as the 20s inspire us, the 50s is not far behind! This is the time of rock and roll and Elvis Presley. And so they became known as the golden years!

You might have a super fun party, with people wearing wigs, lush robes, sunglasses, and sideburns.decoration for proms

For decoration for prom dances use black and white, but you can also include the colour of ice cream parlors.

Place vinyl records on the walls, beanbags, scooters, Cadillacs, famous portraits, films of the time, or the famous jukeboxes.

Theme of the 80s

The glorious 80s, time of great exaggeration, of living and fluorescent colours, and not forgetting the famous brilliantine!

For music, include heavy metal, electronic music, and do not forget to play the king of pop Michael Jackson!decoration for prom parties

For decoration for prom dances, focus on a colour palette. Usually, the most successful colours are interspersed neons tones or colours of the magic cube toys and Genius (red, green, yellow, blue and black).

Use the metallic tones in your decor, spread musical notes, helium balloons with fallen colourful ribbons, and for the dance floor put black and white squares, vinyl and tapes. Do not forget to place the mirrored globe on the ceiling!

Hollywood theme

There is no better theme for your guests feel real stars!

Place a large Hollywood sign, lay a red carpet, and you can also create some scenarios that you like.decoration for prom dances parties

Obviously, the guests will bring ball gowns and tuxedos, as if it were a film premiere. You can choose to ask them to come characterized as movie characters.

For music, make a playlist of the most famous songs of Hollywood films!

Did you like our ideas? Share with us your own ideas to your decoration for prom dances! We will love to include them on this post!

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