Decorating party dishes

Decorating party dishes fruits

Hello there dear Reader! Looking for some tips on Decorating Party Dishes? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the best ideas to decorate your party dishes. I’m sure you will love them! Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as how to decorate a pirate party or superhero themed decoration for parties. They can be useful for you too. 

We have been thinking about that lately and decided to experiment some decoration of party dishes.

We came up with some nice ideas and decided to write them in this article to help anyone needing this surprise the invited guests for their party.

It is not actually that difficult to do it, all you need is some creativity and imagination to use what you have in your kitchen and just try it for yourself.

Decorating Party Dishes – Great Ideas

These are the ideas we had when Decorating Party Dishes. Enjoy them and make an unforgettable party! I am sure your guests will love them too!

Decorating party dishes cake


Imagine you have a chocolate cake that has no frosting besides chocolate syrup.

Here you could use smarties to draw a beautiful mandala on it, with all these different colors of smarties.

You can draw a green one, a red one, a yellow one or even a rainbow one. This is very beautiful, Mandalas are recognized as beautiful by everyone.


When you serve drinks at the party, you can use those beautiful small umbrellas on the drink!

Especially if it is summer time and all of them are feeling really hot. When Decorating Party Dishes It is a very simple trick that gives kids a laughter – because are usually alcoholic drinks that have them.

And although it is not a dish – per say – it is something that is served with a dish.

Decorating party dishes fruits


There is an ingredient that can be multiplied and used to creatively decorate party dishes: fruit! It is so simple and so good for that.

You can serve them with anything, and depending on what you serve, you use different fruits.

For example, if you serve chocolate cake, you can cut strawberries in half and place them on the slice of cake. When Decorating Party Dishes there is a lot you can do with fruits.


If you are a good cooker of pancakes or waffles, there is something you can do to decorate party dishes in a funny way.

Using the cream pistol, you can draw on the dish whatever you feel like. For example, you can write the name of a guest in a pancake, or draw a smiley face in a waffle. It is a simple way of bringing laughter to children.

There is a lot you can do if you just use your imagination and put your heart on Decorating Party Dishes for kids. You can do everything you like, you just need to put love on it, and I am sure your party will be amazing!

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