Decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts

Decorating with lightsabers and spacecraft

Decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts can be truly fun! Don’t you believe me? Star Wars Themed parties are a huge success on these days, and there is nothing better than lightsabers and spacecrafts to decorate them! Don’t you think? Read on and find some fantastic decor to your star wars party. Also, check our previous articles about Making Funny Balloons for your party and Doing your personalised happy birthday banner

Are you thinking about giving a star wars party? Well, if you are, you certainly need to read this post! You can make an amazing party Decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts! Take a look!

Decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts: Set an amazing party!


The lightsaber is one of the most famous addresses in the community of science fiction movie fans. And if you are thinking about a star wars party, then you need to use them in your party decor. Decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts in parties

And what about doing your own lightsaber? Well, Decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts doesn’t need to be expensive, don’t you think? Take a look!


Start by sawing a piece of PVC pipe. Ensure that it is with approximately 15 cm long.

Take the modeling glue and start applying the decoration. You can use silver screws, buttons, or any other appliqués you prefer. Glue the items in the tube and leave some space in the wrist area, so you can hold and handle the lightsaber easily.

Glue the edges of the sink cover and insert into one end of the lightsaber. This will form the lower edge of the object. If the cover is too large and does not fit inside the saber, use the stylus to cut the edges with the right size.Decorating with lightsabers and spacecraft

Paint your lightsaber with spray paint with the desired colour. Very fluorescent tones are the most popular because simulate better the effect of light. When finished, leave the saber dry completely.

Take a long piece of plastic pipe in a common hardware store. Place this tube in the open hole at the end of the saber. You must ensure that the pipe is large enough to comfortably fit on the end of the object. This will form the blade of the lightsaber and can be removed easily.


You have several options when you are Decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts.

You can print images of spacecraft and put frame borders on the walls, forming frames. You can also make your cake in spacecraft form (if you think it is too hard can ask on your pastry).Decorating with lightsaber and spacecraft

If you want something unique, choose to make buildings in lego. Kids love it, and actually, you can do great buildings with these small coloured pieces.

You can also add in small decorations buying small spacecraft, or else choose to include them in your cupcakes, or in sticks pinned in sandwiches.

Did you like our tips and ideas? Follow our blog, and watch out for items that are to come! I’m sure we can give you great ideas for your party! Make them great Decorating with lightsabers and spacecrafts! 

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