Creating your own confetti and swirls

Creating your own confetti and swirls step by step

Creating your own confetti and swirls cannot be easier! We are going to tell you how you can do your own confetti and swirls recycling old paper, so you can save some money in your upcoming party. Also, check our article where we tell you how you do your personalized happy birthday banner. Don’t forget to have a look at our previous post with great kids party decorations for birthday parties

The confetti and swirls  are part of almost all parties. They are even used to make the party decoration, and there is no doubt that these elements give a touch and cheerful to the party decoration.Creating your own confetti and swirls step by step

However, when we make a budget for the party, we realized that we spend a lot of money in these little things.

So today we will tell you how Creating your own confetti and swirls can be easy and simple!

Creating your own confetti and swirls: Step by Step


We all know that paper is made from trees, and this is one reason that leads us to want to save on confetti and swirls. In fact, we can make them at home together with our children, recycling paper magazines, newspapers, or other documents that you no longer use.

Creating your own confetti and swirls is not difficult and you can also save money and contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Now, let’s see how you can de them!

Creating your own confetti step by step


For the confetti, it is best you choose a paper punch.

Pick up magazines and old newspapers, give a hole puncher to each child, and then just start punching the newspapers and magazines.

The ideal is to use coloured leaves, so the magazines are the best options to make colourful confetti.

In this case, you are doing round confetti, but you can also choose rectangular confetti, heart-shaped or others.

There are in parties objects shops paper punches with many shapes.Creating your own confetti

For rectangular confetti, cut magazines in strips, and then just cut them into several pieces.

Do not forget to use scissors with round toe, if you are asking for help to your children.


Creating your own confetti and swirls can be very easy, don’t you think? Now that you know how to create confetti, let’s see how you can so the swirls.

In fact, I think it may even be funnier when they are made this way! What do you need? Only coloured paper, scissors, and glue.Creating your own swirls

Everything will depend on the size you want the swirls .

In case you want that they are big, you need to cut more strips of paper.

I advise you to use again, magazines because they are coloured. But if you use newspapers, you can make beautiful decorations around the letters!

Therefore, cut strips of paper and glue the ends to each other until they reach a reasonable size. Then fold each strip in zig zag!

Simple is not it? You can hang them on the ceiling! They will be a show!


Well, that’s it! Did you like? Try to create them and I am sure you will find that Creating your own confetti and swirls is just easy and quick!

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