Children’s Safari themed party decoration

catering Children's Safari themed party decoration

Are you looking for Children’s Safari themed party decoration? We have great ideas to give you so your party become a landmark! We know that children’s party can be very challenging, but we are here to help you. You can also take a look at our previous article about Kids Parties Decoration for birthdays and don’t forget to check this balloon snake tutorial for kids parties

Kids love animals of the jungle, so it’s an excellent idea to give a safari themed party. There are several things you need to prepare, such as entertainment, food, invitations, but the most important to this theme is the decoration.

That’s why we have lots of ideas for your Children’s Safari themed party decoration! Take a look and I am sure you will find great ideas for your kid’s party!

Children’s Safari themed party decoration Ideas

ideas for Children's Safari themed party decoration

For your decoration is indispensable patterned fabrics to imitate the fur of animals, and can not be missed the green, brown, yellow, orange and black colours. Now look at some tips for the decoration become magnificent.

  • There is no rule for the venue of your party, but if you can, rent an outdoor place with trees.
  • Use wood in the Children's Safari themed party decoration
  • Place teddy animals such as lions, giraffes, elephants, tigers, among others, scattered throughout your party venue.
  • Trees, branches, plants, natural or artificial, are always essential when we are doing Children’s Safari themed party decoration. 
  • Paint balloons with a black pen and make the patterns of animals. It will give that personal touch to your party, and it will look fantastic in your decor.
  • If your child is already a little more grown up, instead of teddy animals, draw them on paper, cardboard, or any other type of coloured paper. You can then hang them in lamps, in the branches of trees, or even glued to the wall.


Do not forget the main table. It is perhaps the centerpiece of your party, and you should make all the surrounding decor around the table.

Place a towel that has an animal pattern, or something related to the jungle, as a towel with green leaves.ideas Children's Safari themed party decoration

Do not forget to put the food grouped and a manner aligned. Do not let it spread on the table, it creates confusion in the eyes of the children (and adults too!).

Arrange the food in wooden bowls. There are fantastic handmade things. Besides being adorable, you will still be helping artisans.

When you will be preparing your Children’s Safari themed party decoration, place some small branches on the table.

Also, place some pots with green leaves. You can also put a picture of a lion or other animal that your child most Children's Safari themed party decoration

When you will be preparing the catering of your party, do not forget to do things according to the theme of your party. You can include jungle animal designs in cupcakes, cups, plates, among other things. Also, the cake is essential. Order one, or do it yourself, but always with the party theme in mind.

Did you like our ideas to your party? I am sure yours will be awesome! If you have any other ideas to Children’s Safari themed party decoration just let us know!

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